FAQs For Getting started and setting up your service

How do I set up an ALDImobile service?
How does the ALDImobile Family Plan work?
I already have existing ALDImobile services on the same account, how do I set up a Family Plan for them?
I am new to ALDImobile, how do I set up a Family Plan?
Can I transfer/port my existing number to ALDImobile?
What are porting/number transfer hours?
How long will it take to activate my new service?
How do I configure my phone for ALDImobile?
My activation order has been flagged suspended for identity check what do I need to do?
How do I activate / register my ALDImobile service?
Why is my SIM card delayed?
Can I transfer my number onto an active service?
Do I have to have my identity verified again if I'm already a customer?
Can I transfer my number if I'm still within a contract period?
What happens if I don't provide my credit debit card details for the identity check?
I have received my new SIM card, what do I do now?
I just ported my existing service number, how long will it take to complete?
Are there any charges for transfering my number to ALDImobile?
Can I choose my number when activating a new service?
Why do I need a Verification Code to transfer/port my number to ALDImobile?
Why do I have to provide my credit/debit card details to activate my SIM card?
Can I specify a time to port / transfer my number?
How do I transfer numbers from another Telco on to my Family Plan?
What services will transfer when I port / transfer my number to ALDImobile?
What can I do if my local ALDI store is out of stock for 1 Year Super Packs?
What happens when I use all my data? Do I get charged for excess data?
It is over 48 hours since I requested to transfer my number and it still hasn't happened, what do I do?
Can I stop or cancel a port / number transfer once requested?
Will I be charged for diversions to voicemail when I'm overseas?
What do I do when my number transfer/port fails?
How do I set up a Family Plan?
My service has taken longer than 24 hours to transfer, what do I do?
How do I port/transfer my ALDImobile service to another provider?
How do I invite someone who has a mobile service with another provider join my Family Plan?
How do I join ALDImobile?
How long does it take to port/transfer my service from ALDImobile?
Can I have a Family Plan set up across multiple accounts?
What handsets are compatible with my ALDImobile SIM?
What documents are needed to verify my identity to transfer/port a number to ALDImobile?
How do I activate a Family Plan?
What Government document do you need to activate my service?
How do I add services to my Family Plan that are on different ALDImobile accounts?
What happens to my existing plan and PAYG when I join a Family Plan?
Why can't I recharge with a Mobile Plan?
Whose name is a Family Plan account set up in?
I have received an invitation to join a Family Plan what do I do?
Do I have to add all services to my Family Plan at the same time?
What handset can I use with my ALDImobile SIM?
Can I remove a User from the Family Plan?
How do the Free ALDI to ALDI calls and SMS work on $10 Mobile Plan?
How do the Data Plans work?
How do I get a refund on my Mobile Plan?

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If you need a translator, call 131 450 and ask them to call us on 1300 989 000.

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  • SMS Relay 0423 677 767

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