FAQs For Using and managing your service

How do I setup or access Voicemail?
How to disable location services to avoid additional data charges?
How is my data measured / data charged per KB?
How does data rollover work for Mobile Plans?
What are the Data / Internet settings for my ALDImobile service?
How do I check my balance or expiry date?
Can I use ALDImobile overseas?
How do I change or extend the ring time before diverting to voicemail?
How do I turn on International Roaming?
Can I make international calls and send SMS/text?
How do I turn off Voicemail?
Can I use my ALDImobile SIM in a Telstra mobile phone?
Why do I need a 4 digit telephone PIN and how do I set it up?
What is your network coverage and speed?
I forgot my password to access my account, how do I reset it?
How can I get my PUK (SIM unlock) code to unlock my phone?
How is my data usage calculated?
How do I change the owner of my account?
How do I configure my phone to divert to voicemail?
Is there a charge for call forwarding?
How does the included international calls and SMS work in my Mobile Plan?
Can I divert my service to an international number?
What happens if I don't recharge my ALDImobile service and it expires?
What do I do if my mobile is lost or stolen?
How much wil I be charged for iMessage and data use?
How can I change my mobile plan?
How do I enable or disable a PIN number in Voicemail?
If I terminate or transfer my service to another provider, will my voicemail messages be kept?
How do I turn off SMS notifications in my voicemail?
What tips can you give me on saving my PAYG credits while I am roaming overseas?
How do I send International SMS/MMS and video MMS with my 1 Year Super Pack?
What's my IMEI and SIM numbers for my mobile?
How can I check my data usage?
What is the SMS message to 61466012123 in my usage?
Can I use iPhone visual voicemail?
How do I access Voicemail while I am roaming overseas?
How do I stop calls diverting to voicemail?
Can I call or send SMSs to 19/1900 numbers?
Can I use my 1 Year Super Pack overseas?
What is the difference between the Pay As You Go plan and a Mobile Plan?
How long are my voicemail messages stored for?
How do the unlimited international calls and SMS work for Mobile Plan and Family Plan?
Can I send a picture message (PXT / MMS) from my phone?
How does data rollover work for the Family Plan?
Can I change my mobile number after activation?
How do I block my phone number when making a call?
How do I change my voicemail PIN?
Why has my data use increased with my new smartphone?
Can I access 4G when I'm roaming overseas?
How do I stop my phone from being used by someone else?
Will I be charged to receive a SMS/Text while roaming overseas?
What happens when my 1 Year Super Pack expires?
How do data limits work on Family Plan?
How many voicemail messages can I save?
What is the maximum length of time for a voicemail message?
Does the 1 Year Super Pack I bought at ALDI expire?
What is the SMSC?
How much data do I need? Estimating your data usage
How can I use my 1 Year Super Pack data?
Am I charged to receive a MMS while roaming overseas?
I'm receiving unwanted marketing and spam calls or SMS messages, what do I do?
How does data rollover work for Super Packs?
How do I use services not included in my Family Plan, like international calls and SMS?
Can I use my Apple or Samsung Watch?
Where can I download the ALDImobile app?
What is eSupport and how do I use it?
Can a Family Plan User have their own voicemail?
Can my Family Plan Users check data usage and data remaining on the Family Plan?
iPhone Wi-Fi assist iOS9
How does the shared data allowance work for Family Plan?
Do my Family Plan Users have their own online account?
How does the Family Plan Special Buy bonus data work?
Bonus data promotion
How can I protect my device and personal information from fraud and identity theft?
What do I do if my number has been transferred/ported without my approval?
What do I do if I receive nuisance, harassing or life threatening calls?
Can I access my service using an App?
How do I list my number in White Pages?
I've heard about missed call scams, what should I do?
What will happen to the credit/value on my account when I port/transfer out?
Can I check my Family Plan balance via the ALDImobile App?
What happens to my Family Plan if the Owner service leaves ALDImobile or recharges with a different type of plan?
How do I change Ownership of a Users service on my Family Plan?
Is there a size limit when I send or receive MMS messages?
Can I call SENSIS?
What happens if my Family Plan User service leaves ALDImobile or recharges with a different type of Pack?
Why hasn't my service ported/transferred to my new provider?
How does data rollover work for Data Plans?
How is data consumed on my 1 Year Super Pack?
How do I block or unblock caller ID?
What do I do if the account holder is deceased?
How do I enable or disable call waiting?
Can I appoint a User to have full access to the Family Plan?
What happens to my credit if the Owners service leaves the Family Plan before it expires?
What happens to a Users service if I remove it from from a Family Plan?
Domestic or Family Violence
How do I change my Mobile Plan?
3G Network closure
How to make a complaint
Why is there a charge for an international text to 447786205094?
Can I use an ALDImobile SIM in Medical and personal alarms, property alarms, GPS and tracking devices?
I forgot my password to access the app, how do I reset it?
What are call scams?
How do I cancel my Family Plan?
I added the wrong Mobile Plan
How do ALDImobile Data Plans work?
I added a Mobile Plan and have lost my Data Plan, what do I do?
How do I accept an invitation to join a Family Plan?
Email and SMS scams
Financial Hardship - Unable to pay for your ALDImobile service
I am unable to roam, what should I do?
How do the call charges work on my Mobile Plans?
Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Customers
Priority Assistance for customers with medical conditions
Disability Equipment and Accessibility
Appointing an Advocate, Authorised Representative, Power of Attorney, Guardian

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